Affirmations for your ease and empowerment.

Poised and calm, I breath in.
With gratitude, I breath out.
I let go into the Presence of Life, the All-Loving-One, letting my mind and heart be bathed in Love.
I let go into that Something Bigger, that is benevolent, that is Light.
I am one with Source Itself, so I know that all is well.
I lay down my burdens and turn my attention to Source.
I am guided. I am held. I let go.

~Lauren Darges


I am without fear.
Knowledge shows me that I am free.

An incarnation of Divinity has nothing to fear since she knows that all life is incarnated of and rooted in that Divinity.

I am that incarnation of Divinity and one with all of the good that there is.

~Author Unknown

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