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My greatest passion is the transformation of consciousness—individually and planetary.  I have a deep interest and caring for the empowerment and flourishing of the individual into their fullest, most beautiful and unique potential, whatever that is for them. I bring this passion to all that I do.

With 30+ years of dedicated meditation practice as my base, I am also trained in spiritual counseling, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing® trauma healing, EFT – meridian tapping, Non-Violent Communication, and the Four Agreements. I offer an effective combination of tools for calming the nervous system, dealing with triggers and building capacity for living life with more ease and resiliency.

Over the past 25 years, I have developed and produced numerous workshops, classes and meditation retreats, including teaching metaphysics at the county jail.

I have a private spiritual counseling and emotional coaching practice in Sebastopol, California and serve at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa as a regular speaker, teaching classes in spiritual development, and leading meditation retreats and workshops.

To make an appointment or for a free 20 minute consultation call or text Lauren at:
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I can’t find the words to express how much I appreciate your spiritual healing, support, love and care. I am in awe at your clarity and the positive impact I am having as I work with you. I truly know that you are an Angel…and thank God for you everyday.  -N


With Lauren’s understanding of Traumatic Stress one is able to dig deep to discover the voice of the body, the felt sense,  unearth its riches and release the past. Her intuitive ability and connection with the divine allow and invites one to engage at that deep level.  I was held so gently and lovingly in that container during my time with Lauren.   -K


Thank you for the fantastic session yesterday. I appreciate the space you hold and the ease with which you follow the flow. The knots are unravelling and I am feeling more relaxed around some of those issues. In fact, when I was working today with a very challenging [situation], I felt no fear and was able to hold my ground with amazing ease and certainty. All of the shifts are so helpful.   –M


A huge thank you for your teaching of meditation and visioning. My life is much deeper because of what I learned and internalized from those those classes. – P


EFT Client: I don’t have to take my non-narcotic pain meds at night any more. My sleep has changed completely, which has changed my life. I now sleep for 8 or 9 hours a night and can fall right back to sleep if I wake up. Clinically, sleep disruption is a symptom of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am participating in life so much more completely. I have more energy and confidence to do things. The other day I got up and started walking around to go do something. Then I realized that I was on my feet, walking around without any pain and without my walker. I thought that whatever treatment I gave my feet that day really worked. Then I realized that I had no treatment for my feet that day.   -R


Lauren’s gift of combining spiritual prayer and intention with her skilled use of tapping quickly brought a deep level to the work. -D


From the Mindfulness Course

“I recommend this class to anyone and everyone! It was an incredible journey back to myself and to the present moment.” –MM


“Lauren is an excellent teacher and mentor. Her methods of teaching meditation and her calm spirit really helped me at a time in my life when I really needed it.” –ED


“Want to learn meditation? Take this class!” –JH


“Lauren is a competent and deeply compassionate meditation teacher.” –MM


“A wonderful class for me, a beginner.” –anonymous


“Great class. Lauren’s style is easy to be around and learn from, safe and accepting, sharing much thought and guidance.” – K


“I take the experience of the class with me and use it to bring me back to the present.” – anonymous


“Very informative, creative, self-loving and well thought out.” -anonymous

“When I go for my chemo treatments, I am not so anxious. I see the chemo as healing instead of dangerous.” –J


“On the way home I was involved in a traffic accident in Santa Rosa. It was ironic that just a few seconds before she hit me, I had repeated to myself several times the quote you gave us before lunch: “Enjoy each present moment and let the future take care of itself.” You’ll be proud to know that after the accident I stayed in the present moment even as the police were questioning me and the other driver about the details of the accident. I remained calm throughout the ordeal in spite of the situation. I said to myself “I have to thank Lauren for keeping me focused on the present moment, even during a stressful time.” ” So, “thank you, Lauren.” –JD

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Lauren Darges

Lauren Darges, RScP, SEP

Spiritual Counselor
Relationship Coach
Meditation Teacher

Sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Call for a free 20 minute consultation.

T: 707.971.0340

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