What is Spiritual Counseling and how can it help you?

Are you conscious, capable, motivated and ready to move through the emotional and energetic blocks that have been in your way?  I help people become free from old patterns, embody their spiritual conviction and cultivate their best self.

In a spiritual counseling session you are listened to and witnessed with compassion and with an intent of spiritual truth and love, for wherever you are on your path. It is an opportunity for you to remember and re-align with what is true for you.

Sometimes that means grieving, or forgiving, or learning to be kind to yourself. Sometimes it means coming to terms with your life and deciding to make changes.

Always it is about being supported in addressing what is up for you. You are encouraged to dream the life you’ve always wanted and to set forth with intention to act in ways that support those dreams.

The intention is to open the door to healing and allow new life experiences and new expressions of self to emerge.

Session vary from person to person, but they can include a combination of somatic based practices, including EFT meridian tapping and mindfulness. These practices help dislodge beliefs and emotions from the nervous system where they are held. It is common in this work for new positive behavior to naturally emerge as the nervous system’s equilibrium is re-established and new energy is released.  

At the end of the session, if you want, you will likely receive a soul-satisfying affirmative prayer to anchor in the changes and insights. Some have called this healing prayer a soul bath.

Our goal is a shift in consciousness that allows you to live more fully as your True Self—open, free, confident, healthy, strong, abundant, grateful and at ease.

I can help you Spiritutal Counseling

    • Clear mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you from living the life you want.
    • Transform beliefs that have held you back.
    • Strengthen your meditation and spiritual practice.
    • Feel more centered and calm interacting with others.
    • Live a spiritual life that is integrated with your daily life.
    • Heal from past wounds.
    • Love yourself more fully.
    • Be more of the person that you want to be.


What happens in a sessionSpiritual Counseling

    • You are witnessed with compassion and held in an attitude of Spiritual Truth and a Consciousness of Love.
    • You have space and support to explore what is true for you.
    • You receive tools and support to dislodge old beliefs at their roots.
    • You receive affirmative prayer to anchor your truth and intention.
    • You might receive spiritual life practice homework that is suited for you and your intentions. The homework is designed to support you in living a spiritual life and is an important part of integrating the work of the session into your daily living. 
    • You may also receive an affirmation or statement of Truth that you can use to support the shifting of your mind and consciousness.

Tools in the toolbox. I am:

    • Certified Somatic Experiencing trauma healing practitioner, to support your nervous system regulation.
    • Certified EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique – meridian tapping) to help you resolve difficult issues and set positive directions for yourself.
    • Trained in Matrix Re-Imprinting technique for resolving past issues.
    • Deeply rooted in a 30+ years of meditation practice, which allows a steadiness of peace and high consciousness to be held for you.
    • Trained in relationship and intimacy coaching by John Michael Grey, including attachment dynamics, communication, personality styles, creating emotional security for intimacy to bloom, and more.
    • I teach mindfulness meditation and awareness as a modality for spiritual practice, centering and creating more calm.

Spiritual counseling

I am available for sessions in person, by phone or Skype.

Please call for a 20 minute consultation: 707-971-0340.

In person session are in Santa Rosa or Sebastopol. Serving Sonoma County, California and beyond through Skype and Facetime.

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Lauren Darges

Lauren Darges, RScP, SEP

Spiritual Counselor
Relationship Coach
Meditation Teacher

Sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Call for a free 20 minute consultation.

T: 707.971.0340

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