How to Be Authentic

Rocking my world this morning is me watching as layers of who I think I should be are pealed away and I come back to realizing yet again… I don’t want to be anybody. How to be Authentic

And my mind screams, “But you have to be somebody!” Really? What a torturous thought.

This who I think I should be IS the major block I have to being authentic. It’s scary to be authentic. It’s vulnerable. People will discover how unenlightened I am or how much smarter or wiser I could be.

I’m not even sure what is to be authentic… purely authentic. Where does who ‘I’ am end and where does the influence of the world begin?

This who I should be is a lot of work. I have to hold it up, strive for it, get scared if I’m not it, and generally wrestle with it. It’s heavy!
How to be Authentic
But, ironically, putting it down is hard. And I put it down anyway, over and over again. It is my daily surrender. I speak my surrender in a little mantra I say to myself: “This is not my life, this is God’s* life.” My life must be a part of something bigger. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it otherwise.

Daily I offer myself at the ‘feet of the Divine*.’ “This is not my life, this is God’s* life.” In this surrender, I don’t have to be anybody. What a relief.

How do open to your authenticity? Post your comments below. I want to hear from you!


*By ‘God’ or ‘Lord,’ I mean Source, Spirit, Divine Consciousness, the Ground of Being, Universal Presence, that Thing that is everywhere present and cannot be named but can be felt and experienced. That something that is Awareness Itself.

2 Responses to How to Be Authentic

  • This was a great offering of wisdom and learning. The very issue I am dealing with most. Didn’t read the whole thing yet – my wife just sent me an email ahead of yours, that she is filing for divorce! So I’m preoccupied a little!

    But I really like it so far as I’ve got.


  • good question.. seems though no need to open.. no need to do anything .. no need .. a deep breathe. always helps…. and simply be… you are there.. wherever there is…no doing.. 2AM in Thailand.. just some rambling.. good night.. I like your energy…

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