How to Set an Intention and Start Your New Year on Purpose

This last quarter I’ve done more planning and scheduling for 2015 than any other year I can remember. But I want to Live Your Dream Textmove into the New Year with more than a well laid out calendar. I want heart and soul behind what I am doing and planning to do.

I know I can’t drop into my heart’s desire and listen to my soul calling on the run.

So, I’ve scheduled time to give myself a New Year’s gift of quite, undisturbed space to wish, dream and intend.

If you are doing the same, I offer this intention process to help you focus, dream and create.

“Our intention creates our reality.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Dream on! And intend on purpose.
With Love,

How to set an intention and start your New Year on purpose:

1. Find a Quite Place
Find a quite place where you won’t be disturbed.

2. Review This Last Year
You can answer the following questions as a way to review your year. Write your answers. Don’t just think them.

What did you love the most about 2014?
What challenged you the most?
What was your most important lesson?
What was your most important challenge?
Make a list of your accomplishments.
What accomplishments are you most proud of?
What was your most important completion in 2014?
What regrets or sadnesses do you have that you would like to release or forgive?
Who touched you the most deeply? How?’
Who did you touch the most deeply? How?
What dreams came true in 2014?
What service did you do in 2014 that was the most meaningful to you?

If you had to choose one word that described 2014, what would it be?

Here is a list of words that you can choose from or pick a word that’s not on here. Whatever word you choose is perfect!


3. Release Ritual
You can do this any way you like. Here is a suggestion:
a. Put everything you wrote about 2014 in front of you in a pile (if you have multiple pieces of paper).
b. Put your right hand on the pile.
c. Put your left hand on your heart.
d. Take a breath and focus on whatever about 2014 you feel grateful for, even if it was challenging.
e. Feel the gratitude.
f. Take an attitude of surrender and love. You are going to offer your year and all of your experiences, good or bad, into the Heart of Love (or the Heart of the Universe or God or Life, whatever is true for you.)
g. Say this prayer or make up your own:

Oh Divine Infinite One, I lean into You.
I offer to You my year, 2014:
all of my victories, all of my sorrows,
all of my accomplishments, all of my joys,
all of my lessons, every person I interacted with,
every action I took, all of my everything.

May it all be transformed into the Light where it is and will always be pure, true and beautiful.
I release all attachment to 2014, offering all the fruits of my action to You, Infinite Life.
I lay my year on Your Alter of Life (or Beauty, or Truth),
as an offering of all that I am, all that I am not, and all that I am yet to be.

(Allow yourself to let it go.)
Thank you Life.
And so it is.

Remember, however you do this is perfect! I encourage an attitude of self-love and compassion.

Variation: If you like, you can tap on the EFT tapping points while you say the prayer. Or you can use EFT tapping to clear anything that you feel you want to go deeper with. See the tapping chart here.

Opening to 2015!

4. Make a Life Wheel.  
Take a piece of paper and make a large circle.

Draw lines through the circle dissecting it like  a pie or a wheel.

Name each slice or section with an area of your life. You can include any of these areas you like, or make up your own.


5. Look toward this coming year.
– What would you like to accomplish or complete this year? Make a list.

6. Fill in the areas of your Life Wheel.

Using your list or ideas that came from it, write what you want to accomplish, what you want to be,  or see happen. Be specific. Describe it. How does it:
– what emotions does it bring up for you

Let yourself FEEEEEL it before moving to the next section. Linger in the feeling as long as you like. (Tap in the feeling with EFT Tapping if you like.)

It is ok if not everything on your list gets to your Life Wheel. The list is mainly a tool to help you  fill in your Life Wheel.

7. Choose a word that you feel describes your coming year.
Use the list from above in item 2.

8. Affirm It
a. Pick the goal from your Life Wheel that is the most important to you in this moment. Create an affirmation (positive statement) from the goal or simply write the goal down on a separate piece of paper, or as Sticky on your computer, whatever works for you.
b. Use your word from 6 above and put it into a positive statement.

Here are examples:

Goal: Create a way to make passive income on line.
“I am joyfully creating a fun and effective way to make passive income online this year.”

(Notice the specificity of “this year.” When I first wrote this affirmation, I didn’t put a time frame on it. When I put “this year” into the affirmation it added power and clarity for me.)


Word: Humor
“I easily incorporate humor into my way of being and my way of expressing.” or “I am funny and playful.”

Variation: Say your affirmation or positive statement(s) as you tap on the EFT Tapping points.

9. Identify one thing you will do in the next 3 days to move your most important goal forward.
Write it down. Put it in your calendar. This is super important for making this process real and putting energy behind your intention. Then do it.

10. Share it.
Pick at least one person who you trust and share your most important intention with them. There is power in the spoken word and power in being witnessed.


Have Fun! And remember:  

 Energy Flows where Intention goes.

And remember what Goethe said:

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred…
unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance,
which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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